Keeper and Crow had a lovely chat with Digger who first went to the event in 1995 on a whim and attended his first Ranger Orientation Meeting in 1998.

Having cut his teeth in making events work by participating with Survival Research Laboratory's event under the bridge at Harrison street in SF, and having John Law as a neighbor, he was on the path. 

Digger and Keeper discuss what early training was like on the Playa. 

Digger also explains how Burningman was transformative to his life.

 Next week, we'll identify and throw out "Ranger Socials" and explore the origins of Rangers getting together without any pretense. That doesn't mean with no style, on the contrary. It means if you are going to do it, do it and make it fun.

Need more Burningman podcasting? Burningman Live just launched and here is their first episode:

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