This episode marks the beginning of    The Moop Chaser Memorial Series "Unsung Ranger Heroes"  


Ranger Moop Chaser heard a call over an event Rad...View Details

We hope you enjoy this Season ender episode. Next week a final bonus and request for participation.   Splinter and the Radio Check Team.

For the first time, we're going to release podcasts 2020 style. A whole mini series at once. 3 episodes of Harley K. Dubois! Binge Ready. We (Splinter...View Details

Hello Listeners! Today is the second part of Women of Khaki Wave 2. Keeper produced this talk which gives insight into the days of Female Rangering af...View Details

Episode 15!!!! What a long strange trip it has been.  This is another episode one of a 2 parter. This discussion talks about the challenges and change...View Details

OMG. Digger, un cut. So much info that rings. Zombies meets Dog boy Knock Knock Jokes Late night  Common Dispatchers Green Dots, Sanctuary MAPS Motel ...View Details

Keeper and Crow had a lovely chat with Digger who first went to the event in 1995 on a whim and attended his first Ranger Orientation Meeting in 1998....View Details

Splinter and Crow have a lovely discussion with Fearless about Bacon, Earth Guardians, Hot Springs Patrol, Community Outreach, other groups that use t...View Details

In this episode Rangers Crow and Splinter get to spend an enjoyable afternoon with one of the longest standing, active, and hard working Rangers who s...View Details

Hello listeners! Today Keeper and East Coast continue our Women in the Rangers series with a long form discussion of getting involved, Drive By Shooti...View Details

Part 2 of a 2 part episode featuring Keeper interviewing Kathasaurus, an old school Ranger who was the guiding force behind the Women of Khaki and wom...View Details

Part 1 of a 2 part episode features Keeper interviewing Kathasaurus, an old school Ranger who was the guiding force behind the Women of Khaki and wome...View Details

J. November Holmes aka Angel, speaks about her time working with Vanessa Kuemmerle and others running security/Rangers at Burningman 1996.  This...View Details

Part 2 of our series "How to get more involved with the Rangers" shows the opposite of what Rooster went through to get involved. Judas explains just ...View Details

This two part series will explore getting more involved in the Rangers. Today's first part will share a story about chance, luck, kismet, right place ...View Details

104 - The First Cadre

Rangers Splinter and Crow discuss the formation of the first "Cadre" within the Ranger Department, The Mentor Cadre. They discuss how the modern mento...View Details

103 - Evaluate

The first thing recorded at Sheep Ranch 2020 finds Splinter, Safety Phil, Tool and SlipOn re-examining well, a lot of things. Stay safe and wash your ...View Details

Ranger Keeper has a delightful chat with Ranger Tao Skye about being the first women on the Mentor Cadre and how they have seen diversity improve. The...View Details

101 - A DIM Idea

The Inaugural Episode from DIM, The Department of Institutional Memory.  Entitled "Radio Check..." this series will focus on the DIM memories th...View Details

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