This episode marks the beginning of 


The Moop Chaser Memorial Series

"Unsung Ranger Heroes"

Ranger Moop Chaser heard a call over an event Radio, had his wife follow the conversation to Admin and jumped in to help out. A story that meant a lot of things to many different people.
To me, he saved the day, to his wife, he was so cute to be so excited, to him, he was really happy to have been able to help. It is a great story and we want more.
We are asking all Rangers and those who have interacted with us to get involved. Tell us a story. Dial us up and leave a message, tell us about something wonderful that a Ranger did that did not get all the publicity it should have. It is time. Tell it to us now.
It doesn't have to be huge, but we'd like it to mean something to you. We promise to be nice to all the stories.



Unfortunately, you will need to find these:


The right ear of a Mr. Potato Head toy


or a macaroni pointing to the sky like a satellite dish...


...on your handheld text and email device. And use it. If you would rather just record it onto your smart phone and send us the file, we would LOVE that even more. Pre thanks for getting involved. 773 775 5943


That's the end of Season One. Thank you so much for your feedback and well wishes. It has been a ride. We especially love those of you who responded when someone's memory didn't really match reality. No worries, keep an eye out for Season Two, where we'll actually make sure we all have an aural history that tracks properly. Also there is talk of a website, and more ways to find "Radio Check" the podcast. We might even give ya'll a chance to support our efforts, and get a little schwag when doing so.


We hope you enjoy!


The Radio Check Krewe

Splinter, Keeper, Crow, and SlipOn


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